Special Boxed Set – NEXUS Conference 2007

Special Boxed Set – NEXUS Conference 2007


All 14 conference DVDs from the 2007 NEXUS Conference.

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Special Boxed Set
This set includes all 14 presentations from the 2007 NEXUS Conference in a boxed DVD set.

Speakers include: Catherine Simons (Climate Change); Dr Ted Loder (Suppressed Technology); Dr Harry Oldfield (Human Energy Fields Revealed); George Wiseman (The Amazing Brown’s Gas); Joshua Shaw (Negative Ions); Bruce Cathie (Introduction to Harmonic Code); Meryl Dorey (Vaccinations); Dr Harry Oldfield (Revealing the Spirit World); Sherrill Sellman (EMR); Philip Coppens (Pyramids Across Europe); Graeme Sait (From Soil to Health to Social Change); Flor Amanowicz (A Contactee Speaks Out); Philip Coppens (Crop Circles 2007); and Dr Ted Loder (UFO Secrecy & Our Future).

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