Special Boxed Set – NEXUS Conference 2010

Special Boxed Set – NEXUS Conference 2010


All 14 conference DVDs from the 2010 NEXUS Conference.

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Special Boxed Set
This set includes all 14 presentations from the 2010 NEXUS Conference in a boxed DVD set, including Summary Highlights.

Speakers include: Donna Fisher (Dirty Electricity, EMFs & Health); Jim Marrs (The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy & the NWO); Klaus Dona (Amazing Ancient Archaeological Artefacts); Wal Thornhill (The Electric Universe – 2010); Dr Kathy Forti (Frequency Healing Technology); Jim Marrs (Hidden History); David-Wynn: Miller (Language & Social Control); Dr James Maxlow (The Expanding Earth & 2010); Stephen Bassett (UFOs, Exopolitics and Disclosure); Sherrill Sellman (HCG Hormones, Body Fat & Health); Nassim Haramein (Sacred Geometry & Unified Fields) plus Duncan Roads, (part of “The Big Picture”); Ian Ross Vayro (They Lied to Us in Sunday School); and Trisha McCagh (Communicating with Animals).

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Dimensions 19 x 6 x 14 cm