NEXUS Conference 2016

2016 NEXUS Conference

13 presentations available to stream/download individually or bundled

For DVD orders, call NEXUS UK on 01342 322854.


Presentations include:

Don Chisholm
Gut Health: New Research and New Cures for Disease

Mark Langdon
Scalar Energy and Electromagnetic Protection

Narada Firebird Vantari & Pratima Mumford-Sephton
Indonesian Ancient Mystery Sites

Hugh Newman (Skype)
Giants: The Suppression of Reports and Evidence

Jon Rappoport (Skype)
Medical Dictatorship: The Ultimate Agenda of the Medical Police State

Dr Michael Salla (Skype)
Parallel and Secret Space Civilisations

David Paulides
Missing Persons Conspiracy: The Cover-Up of Numbers and Causes

David Paulides continued, then Duncan Roads
Missing Persons Q&A followed by Overview of Artificial Intelligence and “Black Goo”

David Griffin then Alec Newald
Artificial Intelligence and “Black Goo”—Terraforming or Terrifying?

Brendan Murphy
DNA Activation as a Way of Accelerating our Evolution and Awakening

Karen Ong
UFOs and Disinformation—the “Be Witness” Fallout

Steve Parker
Medicinal Cannabis and Big Pharma in Australia

Peter Smith
The Afterlife, Interdimensional Existences and Alternate Realities

To download or stream the 2016 NEXUS Conference, follow this link.