Svitec Phone metal chip (x2) in Coin Case


Svitec’s Phone chip (double), two phone chips in a coin case for with adhesive strips that can be attached to a desired device.

EMF Radiation Protection Device using the bio-magnetic field harmonising technology of Swiss company ‘Penergetics International’ and Germany’s ‘Rayguard’ technology that absorbs and spits harmful EMFs. Both scientifically proven and tested around the world. For more information please so long description below or go to Svitech’s resources page for links to studies etc.

Number of chips required per device:

Mobile, phone, tablet or Wi-Fi router = 1 chip
PC, laptops = 2 chips
TV = 4 chips

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  • The phone chip provides all-round protection resulting in reduced stress and an enhanced feeling of wellbeing, e.g. when making phone calls. It is a valuable companion in day-to-day life.
  • The phone chip combines the Penergetic and RayGuard technologies. While the RayGuard technology uses mineral mixtures to counteract the effects of different types of radiation, Penergetic regulates the energetic balance in the body.
  • The phone chip is the ideal high-end, customised and trendy promotional product to present to your company.
  • Reduced impact from mobile phone radiation.
  • Enhanced vitality and well-being of users
  • Can be attached to any device, e.g. mobile phone, TV, PC and Wi-Fi devices
  • Ideal promotional product
  • Scientifically tested
  • Swiss-made quality product

Production Process

Two technologies are used to manufacture the phone chip; one developed by Penergetic International AG, the other by RayGuard.

What is Penergetic? Penergetic means energetically programmed. The method is based on the theory of naturally occurring spins, which has been the frequent subject of scienti c discussion. According to the theory, every organism possesses its own spin, i.e. its own rotation and its own biomagnetic field.
Penergetic has developed a process that makes it possible to program those specific spins onto a carrier material. The carrier material constantly emits this information to its surrounding area (at a field strength range of 10-12 Pico-Teslas). Organisms in the area (humans, animals) can benefit from this information. Further information on

What is RayGuard? RayGuard is a technology that uses a specific mix of minerals, usually for harmonising radiation. The mixture of minerals can absorb and split impacting electromagnetic rays. The process is comparable to the modus operandi of a polarisation filter. Further information on

Science Behind the Product

With ever-growing numbers of electrosensitive people there is an increasing need for protection. This was the original motivation for developing the phone chip.

The symptoms displayed by hypersensitive persons may vary and can include:

  • insomnia
  • difficulties in concentration
  • anxiety and irritability
  • headaches and dizziness
  • other problems…

Generally speaking, the phone chip can play a decisive role in protecting cells. The risk of biological damage to DNA, which can be triggered by electromagnetic fields, can be reduced.

Scientific studies

Dr Fiorenzo Marinelli, Institute for Molecular Genetics, CNR, Bologna, Italy

The phone chip can have a positive influence on protecting the user’s cells from the biological effects of RF-EMF*”
* (includes mobile phone radiation)

Dr Paul-Gerhard Valeske, Kempten, Germany, supported by dark eld blood tests carried out by experimental therapist Heinz Meier from Oberbueren, Switzerland:
The protective effect of the phone chip is definite” (Dr Valeske).
Using the phone chip results in the promised shielding effect” (Heinz Meier).

LIFE-TEST Institute, Ulrich Arndt, Mundingen, Germany

The phone chip neutralises the adverse effects of mobile phone radiation on the human energy system very signi cantly, by approximately 67%.

Average for 10 persons per measuring point

Meridian measurement according to the Aschoff test, average values of 10 test persons using the phone chip – horizontal: measuring point 1-10, vertical: skin resistance in kiloohms kΩ)*.

Blue Line = initial measurement

Red Line = significant increase in stress levels during the mobile phone call

Green line = with the phone chip the stress during the mobile phone call is reduced by approximately 67%

*(The idea value for a healthy adult is around 40 kΩ.)