Tales from Langley (Digital)


The CIA from Truman to Obama, by Peter Kross (EBOOK)

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Kross gives us the nitty-gritty on the CIA: its hits and misses; information on the early operations and leaders; their fights with J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI; Operation Paperclip; assassination plots; mole hunts; strange insider murders; and the hunt for bin Laden—all the details are here. As in his book The Secret History of the United States, Kross gives us fascinating, short chapters on the people and events that made up the CIA from its inception in 1947 to today’s scandals involving Seal Team 6, Obama and bin Laden.

Also included: the latest CIA scandal of how the Benghazi, Libya Consulate contained over 35 CIA operatives on the night that the US Ambassador was killed: they were allegedly involved with running guns to Syria.

Chapters include: William Donovan and the OSS; Operation Ajax—the Plot to Overthrow Iran; J. Edgar Hoover’s Vendetta Against the OSS; Civil Air Transport: The CIA’s Secret Airline; Operation Paperclip; The CIA and the Corsican Mafia; Operation Mongoose; “John Scelso” and the Secret JFK Assassination Probe; The Murder of William Buckley; The CIA and the Pakistani ISI; The CIA, bin Laden and 9-11; tons more!