The Art of Close Encounters (Digital)


by Kim Carlsberg (digital edition)

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Following a series of alien close encounters that began in 1988, Kim Carlsberg wrote Beyond My Wildest Dreams, a landmark book in the genre at that time (with amazing images by illustrator/channeller Darryl Anka). Now, to Kim, her new book is an extension of her record. It hums with her own contributions as well as those from numerous sources about experiences with UFO sightings and interactions with alien entities by direct contact/abduction as well as via dreaming and psychic states.

A noted photographic artist, Carlsberg has applied her creative talents, along with those of other contributors (including Kesara, David W. Chace, Bryan DeFlores and Corey Wolfe), to interpreting these experiences visually. The result is a handsomely produced book: white reversed-out type on black pages with text on the left and mostly full-colour images on the right. These include captivating illustrations of many types of ETs (Grey and reptilian, Nordic, Tall White and shapeshifting) as well as angels and fairies, plus images of visits to alien spaceships and records of famous UFO events like the Phoenix Lights. While the pictures are enthralling enough, the accompanying text is too fascinating to gloss over; it requires immersion.

Carlsberg reminds us to let go of fear to participate consciously in the multidimensional cosmos. This is a fascinating presentation of a phenomenon that has many guises.