The Bible Fraud


by Tony Bushby (paperback)

271 pages



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What has been passed down to us as the New Testament is a very confused historical account, yet these facts as presented by the Church of Rome have become matters of faith and dogma based on deliberate concealment of the truth—a deception the Church is keen to uphold to this day.

Now, Australian publisher/entrepreneur Tony Bushby has uncovered some of the deceit of the last two millennia in The Bible Fraud—the result of 12 years of painstaking full-time research. The central thesis is one that other scholars and mystics, as far back as Michelangelo and Sir Francis Bacon, have known about and have referred to in codes and ciphers: that the figure we know of as Jesus Christ is a composite character.

According to Bushby, the real story is about twin brothers, the illegitimate sons of the Roman Emperor Tiberius and Princess Mariamne Herod, the granddaughter of King Herod, who had Nabatean Arab/Hasmodean ancestry. The two boys were brought up in the Essene community; indeed, the Essenes had a prophecy about twin Messiahs, so the brothers seemed to fit the bill. The elder, Judas Khrestus, became the sword-wielding Galilean revolutionary (“the Wicked Priest”), while the younger, the Rabbi Jesus (or Yeshu’a), had a ministry with strong links to the Druids of Gaul and Britain and actually became a Druid King.

Bushby analyses many Gospel passages where it seems that two completely different personalities are interwoven. He charts the early genealogies showing that the genetic heritage of the Rabbi Jesus mingled with the Druidic/Celtic lines and was reseeded into the Roman imperial line several times down to Constantine, and thus he dovetails along the way with Laurence Gardner’s narrative. He also delves into how the Church, along with its dogma and official texts, was created. Bushby’s thought-provoking book is recommended reading for anyone who is on the search for truth in history.