The Children of the Sun

The Children of the Sun


A Study of the Egyptian Settlement of the Pacific by W.J. Perry (paperback)

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A reprint of the groundbreaking work of Professor W.J. Perry, an early diffusionist who believed that civilisation spread throughout the world via transoceanic voyaging — an idea that most historians still fail to accept, even in the face of mounting evidence. First published in 1923, this classic presents the fascinating evidence that envoys of the ancient Sun Kingdoms of Egypt and India travelled into Indonesia and the Pacific circa 1500 BC, spreading their sophisticated culture.

Perry traces the expansion of megalithic building from its origin in Egypt through Indonesia and across the Pacific all the way to the Americas. These early mariners searched for gold, obsidian, and pearls in their incredible explorations from island to island — they were the Children of the Sun! Includes: The Coming of the Warriors; Rulers and Commoners: The Sky World; The Indo-Egyptian Alliance of Builders; The Oceania-Indonesian Alliance of Explorers and more.

A fascinating explanation for the mysterious megaliths of the Pacific!