The Christ Scandal


by Tony Bushby (paperback)

733 pages


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This is a vast compilation of documentation, extensively sourced, often from church documents themselves, that provide overwhelming evidence of fraud, dishonesty, deception, etc. relating to the claims of organised religion about Christ and Christianity. It is presented in alphabetical order (not necessarily presented in strict academic fashion — e.g. ‘A frank priesthood confession’ is listed under ‘A’; ‘Be careful’ listed under ‘B’) which makes for easier compilation for such a vast amount of literature. That literature includes non-canonical works, of course, and other ‘hidden’ records (‘hidden’ in the sense, especially, of having been kept out of the purview of ‘outsiders’) together with ‘accepted’ historical documents. The combined effect is overwhelming.

Bushby includes the following statements:

“This book contains historical evidence establishing that a divine and supernatural Jesus Christ did not exist, and the priesthood’s presentation of the New Testament story is false… [I]t is not generally known that there are no records for the existence of Jesus Christ, or that the true nature of the now-called early church fathers is falsely presented… Almost as important is documentation in church writings that claim Jesus had a twin brother called Judas Thomas who appears in Roman records as Judas Khrestus… [which] strikes at the very roots of Christian belief, for it reveals that there was no paranormal birth of Jesus Christ and therefore, no genuine Christianity.”