The Chronicle of Akakor (Digital)


by Karl Brugger. Preface by Erich von Däniken.

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In 1972, Karl Brugger, a German journalist and radio and TV correspondent, met Tatunca Nara, the white-skinned son of an Indian chieftain and, at the time, the chief of the Ugha Mongulala, Dacca and Haisha Indians. Tatunca Nara described two great catastrophes that had devastated the Earth and spoke of the ruler Lhasa, a son of the Gods, who governed the South American continent, and of his relation to the Egyptians, the origin of the Incas, the arrival of the Goths, and an alliance of the Indians with 2,000 German soldiers. He spoke of giant stone cities and subterranean settlements of the divine ancestors. And he said that all these events had been written down in a document called The Chronicle of Akakor.

Brugger, a sceptic and a conscientious researcher, listened to the truly incredible story that the mestizo told him. After having checked it thoroughly, he decided to publish the chronicle that he had recorded on tape.