The Dove, the Rose & the Sceptre: In Search of the Ark of the Covenant


by Maree Moore (paperback)

538 Pages


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Is there really an ‘Invisible Hand’ guiding Earth’s Destiny? Who was responsible for the codes in the Bible? What happened to the ‘Lost Tribes of Israel’? What does the Bible foretell about the Sceptre of the Royal House of Judah, the ‘Overturns’, the Stone of Destiny and the future discovery of the Ark of the Covenant? What has its recovery to do with world peace? Was a particular prophecy of Nostradamus informing us of its location? Are the mysterious clues discovered at Rennes le Chateau, France, and those prevalent within the imagery of Nicolas Poussin’s painting of the ‘Sheperds of Arcadia’ also alluding to the location of the Ark of the Covenant, or were they placed there as a ‘red herring’?

Journey through Ireland, the Rosslyn Freemasonic Chapel of the Knights Templar in Scotland, and St Columba’s island of Iona, in order to find the answers to exciting previously unsolved intriguing mysteries! Discover the missing ‘key’; the secrets of Arcadia and why the Knights Templar, the Rose-Cross Knights, guarded its mystique. Also discover about the secret life of the real Merlin; King Arthur, the royal families whose blood-line was that of the Holy Grail, and the most likely place where the Ark of the Covenant is resting.