The Geometry of the End of Time

The Geometry of the End of Time


The Geometry of the End of Time by Robert Lawlor (hardcover)

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The article by Robert Lawlor in NEXUS volume 22, number 4 (June-July 2015) should encourage readers to delve into his book. A dedicated esotericist, Lawlor is the author of the classic Sacred Geometry: Philosophy and Practice. Here he expands his scope with an investigation of India’s ancient Yuga system of knowledge which has much to say about the cyclic, spiralling nature of time, human origins and evolution (enter the Anunnaki), and possible scenarios in the “End of Time” future. Lawlor draws parallels between the Yuga system and the Pythagorean theory of harmonics and number which has informed the western esoteric sciences for over two millennia, and suggests that scientific findings support the notion that harmonic laws govern the microcosm and the macrocosm.

Indeed, there are mathematically calculated disharmonic deviations in our planetary system that serve as an instrument in the crime, corruption and confusion of our age, in line with the Kali Yuga’s discordant aspects and the forces which tap into them.

Lawlor presents examples from history of attempts to plunge human destiny into darkness, and yet there’s a way through this. There are wonders to appreciate, such as in beholding the Yuga as a measure of the spinning Earth, its dimensions known to the first megalith builders. Lawlor sees a portent in 2016, a one-third marking point in the current Yuga. Whatever happens, the great cycle of birth, death and rebirth will continue. A challenging work.

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