The Harmonic Conquest of Space

The Harmonic Conquest of Space


by Bruce Cathie (paperback)

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Chapters include: Mathematics of the World Grid; the Harmonics of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; Harmonic Transmission and Receiving; the Link Between Human Brain Waves; the Cavity Resonance between the Earth; the Ionosphere and Gravity; Edgar Cayce on the Harmonics of the Subconscious; Stonehenge; the Harmonics of the Moon; the Pyramids of Mars; Nikola Tesla’s Electric Car; the Robert Adams Pulsed Electric Motor Generator; Harmonic Clues to the Unified Field; and more.

Also included are tables showing the harmonic relations between Earth’s magnetic field, the speed of light, and anti-gravity/gravity acceleration at different points on the earth’s surface. New chapters in this edition feature the giant stone spheres of Costa Rica, atomic tests and volcanic activity, and a chapter on Ayers Rock analysed with Stone Mountain, Georgia.

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