The History of the Knights Templars

The History of the Knights Templars


Includes chapters on the origin of the Templars, their popularity in Europe and their rivalry with the Knights of St John. Written by Charles Addison with introduction by David H. Childress. (paperback)

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This book contains detailed information on the activities of the Templars in the Holy Land, and the 1312 AD suppression of the Templars in France and other countries, which culminated in the execution of Jacques de Molay. Also information on the continuation of the Knights Templars in England and Scotland and the formation of the society of Knights Templar in London and the rebuilding of the Temple in 1816. Plus a lengthy intro about the lost Templar fleet and its connections to the ancient North American sea routes.

This is the foundation book for Dan Brown’s THE DAVINCI CODE. The Temple Church in central London is also featured in this book.

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