The Joy of Living


Postponing the Afterlife, by Barry Eaton & Anne Morjanoff (paperback)

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Barry Eaton has written two books on the afterlife (18/03, 21/03), yet ironically his new book is about postponing it. A well-known Australian TV and radio broadcaster, educator, astrologer, psychic and host of RadioOutThere, Eaton was diagnosed in 2013 with throat and thyroid cancer—conditions which threatened his very livelihood, let alone his life. A believer in holistic health treatments, he decided not to rely on them exclusively but to have surgery and radiotherapy. He had to confront his fears, but he’d already equipped himself with the know-how to overcome them.

In The Joy of Living, Eaton charts his path from diagnosis to treatment to getting the all-clear, sprinkling his narrative with heartfelt, harrowing and observant details, humorous anecdotes and much self-reflection. His supportive partner Anne Morjanoff tells her side of the story, and his son Matt Eaton contributes a chapter from his viewpoint.

Barry Eaton feels privileged to have survived his ordeal and live to tell the tale. He emerged with not just a new lease on life but a deeper understanding of his purpose as well as the importance of family and friends. His book offers insights for anyone who has or knows someone with a life-endangering illness. It’s a life-affirming healing journey.