The Land of Osiris

The Land of Osiris


Independent Egyptologist Stephen Mehler, a New Yorker, delivers in “The Land of Osiris” what he promises: a paradigm shift in our understanding of ancient Egypt and its origins. (paperback)

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This book is the result of more than three decades of passionate study, which reached a climax for Mehler in 1992 when he met and began his collaboration with Abd’El Hakim Awyan, a recognised Elder and indigenous wisdom keeper of the ancient Khemitian oral tradition that goes back at least tens of thousands of years.

What Mehler learned was that an advanced civilisation known as Khemit (not Egypt) existed in North Africa thousands of years before the establishment of dynastic Egypt, and it comprised a union of dozens of indigenous tribes. These peoples were already in possession of advanced knowledge, and their existent oral tradition acknowledges the influence of beings from the stars, especially Sirius, as Robert Temple wrote of the Dogon over 30 years ago. They had the means to build the pyramids—and thousands of years than generally believed—and even placed them according to the Fibonacci series spiral.

Based on Abd’El Hakim’s evidence, Mehler concludes that Plato’s Atlantis is a myth but is based on real events in ancient Khemit. Expanding on Christopher Dunn’s research, Mehler goes so far as to suggest a major accident happened in the Great Pyramid, ending its long life as a power plant, extracting hydrogen from the water pumped up from an underground tunnel network. Mehler has seen this water network at first hand, and writes at length on the sacredness of water in Khemit.

This is a serious work, taking in a multitude of disciplines with a dose of personal speculation, and is well worth the diversion.

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