The Lost Continent of Mu

The Lost Continent of Mu


by James Churchward, new introduction by David Hatcher Childress (paperback)

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This is the classic book on the theory of a lost continent in the Pacific. First published in 1931, it imparts the fascinating travel stories and theories of James Churchward, a British Colonel who was told by a Rishi in India to go search for a lost continent in the Pacific. Churchward was subsequently shown a secret library, retired from the military and went in search of the Lost Continent of Mu.

Starting in 1876, he journeyed to Tonga, Tahiti, Micronesia and other remote areas of the Pacific-locales that are difficult and costly to reach even today. He then travelled through Peru, Mexico and the American Southwest in search of evidence for Lemuria and Mu. Churchward eventually settled in New York and became independently wealthy as one of the inventors of stainless steel.

This edition has an all-new introduction by David Hatcher Childress. Chapters include: Alpha – The Beginning; The Lost Continent; The Land of Man’s Advent on Earth; Records of this Lost Continent; Mu, the Empire of the Sun; Age of Mu’s Civilization; North America’s Place Among the Ancient Civilisations; Niven’s Mexican Buried Cities; The Geological History of Mu; and lots more. New large size edition.

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