The Mystery of U-33, Hitler’s Secret Envoy

The Mystery of U-33, Hitler’s Secret Envoy


The Incredible Story of the Mystery U-Boats, by Nigel Graddon (paperback)

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World War II historian Nigel Graddon chronicles a number of mysterious U-Boat missions that took place both during and after the war. He details the strange landing of U-33 in Scotland in 1940, which involved the top-secret Enigma encoding device. He then looks at other special U-Boat missions that covered a wide range of the astonishing activities of the Third Reich: U-Boat trips to Antarctica, curious cargoes of liquid mercury, the journey of the Spear of Destiny, the “Black Subs” and more.

• Learn the amazing story of U-33 and how the Enigma device was kept secret for decades by the British military.
• Mystery Men and the U-Boats: Max Schiller, Rudolf Hess, Otto Rahn, and others who played a role in the missions of the secret submarines.
• Special missions to South America and Neu-Schwabenland in Antarctica with mini-fleets of U-Boats.
• The strange U-Boats with cargoes of liquid mercury. Where was this mercury destined for and what was its ultimate purpose?
• U-530, the Holy Lance and Hitler’s secret “Shangri-La” in Antarctica.
• Why was Scotland a centre for U-Boat activity?
• Admiral Karl Donitz—Hitler’s successor as Fuhrer—and the U-Boat fleets.

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