The Orion Zone


Ancient Star Cities of the American Southwest by Gary A. David (paperback)

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This book on ancient star lore explores the mysterious location of Pueblos in the American Southwest, circa 1100 AD, that appear to be a mirror image of the major stars of the Orion constellation. Packed with maps, diagrams, astronomical charts, and photos of ruins and rock art, THE ORION ZONE explores this terrestrial-celestial relationship and its astounding global significance.

Chapters include: Leaving Many Footprints–The Emergence and Migrations of the Anazazi; The Sky Over the Hopi Villages; Orion Rising In the Dark Crystal; The Cosmo-Magical Cities of the Anazazi; Windows Onto the Cosmos; To Calibrate the March of Time; They Came from Across the Ocean–The Patki (Water) Clan and the Snake Clan of the Hopi; Ancient and Mysterious Monuments; Beyond That Fiery Day; and more.