The Physics of a Flying Saucer (Digital)


by Ted Roach (digital edition)

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Explains the physics of flying saucers and the formulae that can be used for their design. It explains why flying saucers are silent, how they can hover and how they travel far faster and out-manoeuvre any known military aircraft. It outlines the physics of space craft that can travel anywhere in the universe in a few seconds. It explains the reasons why some UFOs look like ‘saucers’ and others, very large and football shaped. It explains how gravitational, electric and magnetic fields are dimensional time fields, and unifies them.

This book also explains the physics behind the Philadelphia Experiment and outlines how Noah’s Ark was probably an advanced spaceship. The Australian Government has been so concerned about this physics that in 1995 a provisional patent of Ted’s containing 10 inventions including flying saucers, was confiscated by the Australian Defence Department and the Australian Safeguards Office.