The Raw Gourmet: Simple Recipes for Living Well


The Raw Gourmet: Simple Recipes for Living Well

By Nomi Shannon

232 pp | Paperback

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Mother Nature provides us with an abundance of fresh foods that are bursting with flavour and nutrients, but few of us manage to preserve these qualities when we cook. In the first book of its kind, Nomi Shannon opens a door onto a refreshing new world of food preparation that will make a raw gourmet of even the most die-hard baker, boiler and fryer! This is a complete guide to one of the world’s fastest-growing nutrition and health movements-the living foods diet. Learn how fresh, non-cooked fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains can boost your vitality without making any sacrifices to your palate. Try exotic dishes like Chili Rellenos, Spinach Mousse and Vegetable Nori Roll-Ups. Or, on a more familiar note, serve up a living foods version of old favourites like pizza, pate and soup. Nomi Shannon is a well-known proponent of natural health and healing. She is an author, raw foods chef, and certified Hippocrates Health Educator. As a Living Foods Lifestyle Coach, she provides counselling and consultation services for individuals and groups all over the world.