They Lied to us in Sunday School


by Ian Ross Vayro (paperback)

428 Pages


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As the old song goes, “The things that you’re liable to read in the Bible ain’t necessarily so”, and if you’ve ever had doubts about the so-called infallible truths of organised religion then you’ll resonate with the message of this book.

They Lied to Us in Sunday School is the end product of a lifetime of study by Queenslander Ian Ross Vayro, an electronics engineer as well as a student of ancient history and archaeology. All his life, Vayro has questioned the dogma that has been dished out by the Christian Church. He maintains that so much of the doctrine that the Church expects its adherents to believe cannot be accepted without question; in fact, it verges on sheer idiocy to take the edicts on board.

To prove his point, Vayro explores the Bible stories with his antennae on, showing up inconsistencies in stories, problems with translations and queries over historical contexts. He also investigates the numerous saviour myths that preceded the Jesus birth/crucifixion story, the Sumerian and Egyptian antecedents to the Hebrew world view and the competing forms of worship from the multitheistic to the monotheistic solar, casting light on the birth and evolution of the Church of Rome.

In declaring that the secrets and messages that sparked these religious world views have been lost, Vayro makes a case for rediscovering them with eyes wide open to the truth. He laments that our religions have become watered down and their scriptures vandalised. He calls for an urgent re-evaluation of our forebears’ legacy and a reclaiming of knowledge of empowerment concerning life, karma and reincarnation.

After all, he maintains, Jesus believed that we all deserve to share in knowledge about eternal life that could lead to immortality.