The Secret Space Age (Digital)


Secret Space Programs, Breakaway Civilizations, Nazi UFOs, SDI and Alternative Three, by Olav Phillips (Ebook)

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The UK telecast on 20 June 1977 of the documentary Alternative Three caused widespread panic: was it a hoax (it was originally scheduled for April Fool’s Day), or was it true? The film presented three scenarios aimed at surviving a planetary catastrophe—maybe from an asteroid impact or the start of an ice age. According to Olav Phillips, all three scenarios have been implemented already.

Alternative One, an atmospheric nuclear detonation implemented under Project Argusin 1958, had to be corrected by geoengineering projects using chemtrails to stabilise the weather with “global dimming”.

Alternative Two was conceived in the 1950s and put into motion with the setting up of “doomsday bunkers” that would support life—but would never house large populations; they would be left to their own devices.

Alternative Three, the colonisation of the Moon and Mars, has been underway for decades, and Phillips refers to controversial British hacker Gary McKinnon who in 2001–02 found evidence in military and NASA computers for a Solar Warden program involving a secret space fleet and bases operating beyond the Earth.

To back up his argument, Phillips reports on Agenda 21 plans to cull the planet’s populace, missing scientists, machinery artefacts on the Moon and Mars, operational space weapons, Nazi flying saucers, and war being waged by the Americans, Russians and maybe Chinese against an off-planet Nazi civilisation. With lots of photos and diagrams, The Secret Space Age focuses on key conspiracies of our times.