Things and More Things


An intriguing collection of the amazing, the astonishing and the abnormal, by Ivan T. Sanderson (paperback)

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For over 30 years Ivan T. Sanderson has collected and studied reports of uncanny “things” from all over the world and here is the complete collection of “Things” and “More Things” in one volume.

Among the curious “things” that Sanderson discusses are: Flying Saucers; Telepathic Ants; Rocks that Sing-and Kill; “Abominable Snowmen” in Europe and America; Water Monsters; Giant Skulls; Living Dinosaurs; Film of an Abominable Snowman; Frozen Mammoths; Animal ESP; Space Visitors; and much, much more—fascinating factual stories of weird creatures and mysterious occurrences which haunt history and legend; absorbing accounts of fantastic phenomena which remain unexplained-and undenied-by science; an intriguing collection of the amazing, the astonishing and the abnormal gathered by world-famous explorer, naturalist and writer Sanderson.

Chapters include: Globsters; Lake Monsters; Giant Eels; Ringing Rocks; Stone Spheres; Stone Softening; The Toonijuk; UFO Nests; Light Wheels; Flying Rocks; Suspended Animation; Neodinosaurs; Maverick Moas; Giant Skulls; Walkers for Water; Frozen Mammoths; Vile Vortices; Rockets and Rackets; Mechanical Dowsing; and tons more.