Towards Radiant Health (Digital)


by Walter Last (Ebook)

Towards Radiant Health: The 10-Step Health Improvement Program

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Towards Radiant Health is a condensed guide for the Health Improvement Program. This is designed to remove the factors that cause most of our modern diseases, and replace them with health-promoting natural methods.

By following this program many diseases can be expected to simply disappear while others will greatly improve. This will then make it easier to find and apply specific therapies for complete healing. In addition, this program is also a recipe to regenerate and rejuvenate a disabled or ageing body. I highly recommend adopting this program before starting specific treatments for any chronic disease.

Towards Radiant Health is the first book in the Heal Yourself Series.

Also available are Overcoming Diabetes, Overcoming Asthma, Overcoming Candida, Overcoming Weight Problems, Overcoming Arthritis and Overcoming Cancer.

Towards Radiant Health is intended to be used together with each book for a specific disease as it contains essential information that is not repeated in these other books.