UFOs and Anti-Gravity


by Leonard G. Cramp (paperback)

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Leonard G. Cramp’s classic book on flying saucer propulsion and suppressed technology is back in print in this expanded edition. Now including material from his first book; Space; Gravity & the Flying Saucer; this book is a highly technical look at the UFO phenomena by a trained scientist. Cramp first introduces the idea of “anti-gravity” and introduces us to the various theories of gravitation. He then examines the technology necessary to build a flying saucer and examines in great detail the technical aspects of such a craft. Cramp’s book is a wealth of material and diagrams on flying saucers; anti-gravity; suppressed technology; G-fields and UFOs. Chapters include: Crossroads of Aerodynamic Saucers; Limitations of Rocketry; Gravity and Magnetism; Gravitation and the Ether; The Present State of the Art; Gravitational Spaceships; The G-Field Theory; G-Field Lift Effects; Accompanying Phenomena; Analysis of Technically; Corroborative Evidence; Analysis of a Theory to Fit the Facts; The Bi-Field Theory; VTOL and Hovercraft; Analysis of UFO photos; tons more. The book that finally blew the lid on anti-gravity!