Underground Bases and Tunnels (Digital)


What is the Government Trying to Hide? by Richard Sauder, PhD (Ebook)

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Working from government documents and corporate records, Sauder has compiled an impressive book that digs below the surface of the military’s super-secret underground! Go behind the scenes into little-known corners of the public record and discover how corporate America has worked hand-in-glove with the Pentagon for decades, dreaming about, planning, and actually constructing, secret underground bases.

This book includes chapters on the locations of the bases, the tunneling technology, various military designs for underground bases, nuclear testing & underground bases, abductions, needles & implants, military involvement in “alien” cattle mutilations, more. 50-page photo & map insert.

“Dr Sauder has done some superb research and has revealed something that needs to be addressed by the people at once. This is a significant book—maybe vitally so—and must be read by every concerned citizen.”     —Whitley Strieber