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NEXUS Magazine should be on every thinking person’s desk. It fills that news gap between fact and fancy, covering topics unfamiliar to most people.

Jim MarrsNew York Times Best Selling author and journalist

I’ll never forgive the friend who introduced me to NEXUS. After I’d read one issue, I was hooked and bought it regularly, eventually taking out a subscription. It is like an addiction: I have withdrawal symptoms between issues.

There is nothing quite like NEXUS Magazine for its depth and diversity, and its insight into subject areas which are simply not covered in mainstream media yet are openly uncovered in NEXUS. It’s a thinking person’s bedtime (or any time) read. The price is a bargain for 88 colour pages of engrossing material. My only regret is that it appears only every two months. This simply isn’t enough! I think you’ll agree.

Martin BlackburnBlackburn, England

Been buying and reading NEXUS for many years, the best magazine ever, it has opened my eyes to so many things, so much is happening in this world that most people know nothing about but as an avid reader I know a little, thank you so much Duncan…

Patricia Burchvia Facebook

NEXUS has always been a beacon of light for independent minds. It has pioneered brilliant research into every area of human existence where the word ‘forbidden’ has been applied by controllers. NEXUS has broken down barrier after barrier. When necessary, it’s gone under the earth, deep into the ocean, and far out into space. It’s penetrated mega-corporations, criminal governments, and elite secret societies. NEXUS is a one-in-a-million long shot that has succeeded gloriously, and it has sustained itself for decades. I’m betting that, long after the most prestigious major media outlets have drowned in their own crimes and red ink, NEXUS will still be here, pointing the way.

Jon RappoportFreelance Investigative Reporter - NoMoreFakeNews.com

Do you remember what life was like 17 years ago? We do! The world was a different place in many ways and in others much the same but one thing happened that has steered the course away from the rocks of blindness and the mundane for us. We began our relationship with NEXUS Magazine and the ideal of free thinkers making their own mind based on the encouraging yet confronting articles gave growth and unlatched the shackles that still bound us. The message is clear and the amount of thought provoking material along with exposure to the ways, methods and possibilities which are mostly shrouded or concealed for the public eye are here and revealed. NEXUS has been a great avenue for knowledge transfer and exploration of all subject matter and we have made many a friend through the NEXUS family.

Stephen A.via Facebook

In times of rapidly expanding consciousness and the mass awakening of humanity everywhere, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find a reliable source of new knowledge and well researched critical information to help us on our path of enlightenment. The internet and independent media is overflowing with all kinds of so-called credible sources of knowledge and breaking news reports, but how do we know who is telling us the truth and who is deceiving us? Duncan Roads’ NEXUS MAGAZINE has been a well researched and credible source of new and diverse knowledge for over 2 decades – telling it like it is and never afraid to correct their mistakes. I cherish every NEXUS copy I have as a valuable source of research and I always look forward with great anticipation to every new issue – to blow my mind even more. Keep going Duncan and the amazing NEXUS team.

Michael Tellinger

NEXUS Magazine has been the mainstay of Alternative news in a number of countries around the globe for many years. I am constantly impressed with its range of content, well referenced and totally professional. It is a magazine  prepared to cover some of the most controversial and significant alternative information you will find anywhere. The range of information will suit many perspectives whether its in complementary health and medicine,  new therapies to new technologies, conspiratorial subjects or hidden truths. It has a ‘cutting edge’ approach and always a compelling read.  Highly recommended.

Mary RodwellAuthor of 'Awakening' - Principal of ACERN and Co-Founder, Director of The Dr Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extra-terrestial Encounters (FREE)

As an international speaker and author, I am amazed at the reach of NEXUS Magazine and just how much of a lifeline it provides to even very remote communities, enabling them to feel connected to an alternative viewpoint on world events.
No matter what happens in the world, a global community knows they can rely on NEXUS magazine to provide alternative viewpoints and help them feel connected to a bigger picture.

Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton MBBS, Dip Bio-EnergyAuthor of Punk Science and The Genius Groove

Hiya Duncan, met you at an event in Sydney some years back. NEXUS had a huge impact on me back in 1993 or thereabouts when I got my first issue and I remember the AIDS been a man made disease really got my attention. I was attending University in Dunedin at the time and I was able to use the library to find info on sheep and bovine diseases that confirmed the story of if been made from a bovine visna virus. I was feel very disillusioned with life in general and very alone in my perspective on life.. Felt that university was more of a controlled structure than a place of learning.. So anyway when I started reading NEXUS it became my friend.. My companion in the dark.. My confirmation that I was on the right track and that there were others like me out there.. NEXUS was like my rock.. Post Internet it was my only source of really compelling and interesting esoteric and newage info.. It was where I first read info that allowed me to realize why I was the way I was.. That I was sensitive to mercury (amalgams and vaccines) and why I was different and so many memory and headache issues from vaccines… It was a revelation and a shock at the same time. NEXUS was an ongoing source of a strange kind of comfort for me.. And for years I read every issue from cover to end and eventually I donated my collection to a local spiritual centre. Post Internet NEXUS was so important to me. So to conclude a massive influence on my life. Thank you with all my heart for following your heart and eternal spirit guidance and publishing this magazine.

Jay BarnettWanaka, New Zealand